Do you want to set up a business that so naturally magnetizes customers because it offers them exactly what they NEED not just every day, but sometimes twice a day?

Well, who wouldn’t be needing you very frequently if your store or shop offers things you need almost every day?

GPRS is a Central Bank-accredited consumer services and remittance corporation serving Filipinos locally and internationally. GPRS is the fastest growing global remittance company today. It is an online (web-based) transactional and reporting facility linked with bancnet and megalink and capable of doing the following:

  1. BILLS PAYMENT – Meralco, Manila Water, Maynilad, Smart, Globe, Sun, PLDT, Bayantel, BDO, Diners,
  1. REMITTANCE – local and international. GPRS can send money through Smart Padala, Smart Money, G-Cash to 42 million users nationwide. GPRS can send money to any bank in the world or to a GPRS outlet through bancnet and megalink facilities.
  1. AIRLINE TICKETING – local and foreign travel
  1. LOADING CENTER /UNIFIED LOADING – using a single SIM card, wallet system fund transfer, and airtime load transfer, Dealers selling to Dealers & subscribers)
  1. HOTEL & RESORT BOOKING – local and foreign

GPRS proposes to offer a new dimension of value added service specifically to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos worldwide.

With over 42 Million of cellphone users today, we developed an accessible airtime transfer through our easy and effective loading system. You can now load to any GLOBE, SMART or SUN by using one SIM. You can also load using our website. It is fast and easy.

The GPRS Remittance services currently covers19 countries – Australia, Austria, Canada, Greece, Hongkong, Ireland, Japan,  New Zealand, Oman, Kuwait,  Palau, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UK, USA Qatar, Singapore,  Spain, Taiwan,  UAE,

Send cash via ATM anytime anywhere with GPRS credit to bank feature. This enables you to send your remittance in any GPRS outlet and remit to any bank account and to any bancnet or megalink- supported ATM.

GPRS in partnership with Cebuana Lhuillier’s Pera Padala, is bringing the Pick Up service to the Global Filipino community. The remittance is claimed by the beneficiary over the counter through all Cebuana Lhuillier’s branches nationwide. Pera Padala answers the needs of students, workers and other customers for immediate money transfer without the worries of maintaining a bank account. With branches spread all over the country, customers will have an easier time to remit and claim money.

GPRS members can use their VISA card for all the above transactions plus ONLINE SHOPPING.


The combined resources of our companies, as well as collective experience of our people, we believe can propel and jumpstart the provisioning of value added services to your clients.

GPRS IS A FRANCHISING COMPANY. It currently has 720 outlets nationwide and 19 outlets worldwide.

To join, please reserve your seat/s to our free seminar by calling or texting:

Tel:  (0632-7017634; 0999-8091655; 0922-4610048; 0922-5675500; 0912-8672161 or email You can also visit our site